Encinitas Rotary Financial Literacy Vocational Service Project Part 2

Encinitas Rotary 2Outline of Encinitas Rotary – Financial Literacy Program

Several years ago we approached High Schools in our area to let them know we could provide speaker to talk to their students about finance. The reception was “cool” from teachers, from school administrators and from district superintendents (some were Rotarians) and we got no where.

Then in a conversation with a Rotarian and his wife (she was the founder of  the international program called AVID) about our frustration in dealing with the schools and district, she introduced us to AVID teachers, at the schools we had been talking to, they embrace the idea and launched the Encinitas Rotary Financial Literacy Program. We have now been “invited” to provide these presentations to non AVID students as well

We provide 5 Rotarians to give presentations to AVID students on:

Budgeting    Rotarian is a private banker

Credit/Debt    Rotarian is the owner of an Automobile dealership

Insurance    Rotarian is an  insurance agent

Savings        Rotarian is a financial planner

Investing    Rotarian is a retired banker

They create a budget, and like all of us they start by listing expenses then realize they can’t afford all they “want” so then they make hard decisions on what to reduce or eliminate.

They learn about credit and the impact of good grades on the cost of credit that is available to them, they learn about making payments on time and to consequences of late payments

They learn about what insurance is, why they need  car insurance, plus the impact of  grades on insurance cost.

They learn about the importance of saving part of what they earn and  the value of compound interest.

They learn about investing especially about the 401k programs offered when they start work (some are already working) and the value of saving for the long term

AVID students are “at risk” students,  most likely the first in their families to graduate from high school and  the first in their families with the opportunity to have a college education.

The focus of each presentation is to provide students with information that is practical and helpful to them “today”, we don’t do “Financial Theory”. They see the importance of paying  attention to dollars they earn or are given.

For additional information please contact Al McKendrick, Vocational Service Chair of the Encinitas Rotary Club.

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